Versa-Lok Retaining Wall Systems
VERSA-LOK has been creating "Solid Solutions™" for architects, engineers, contractors, and homeowners since 1987. VERSA-LOK systems are the original solid, pinned segmental retaining walls (SRWs). Quick and easy to install, VERSA-LOK retaining walls offer superior durability and a wealth of design/build options, along with a variety of styles and sizes. Whatever your landscape needs, VERSA-LOK has a retaining wall for you.
Versa-Lok Standard
Versa-Lok standard Weathered
Versa-Lok Mosaic
Versa-lok Cobble
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For the vintage look of naturally aged stone, most Versa-Lok products are available in an attractive weathered texture. This weathering process lends a hand-hewn look to any retaining wall, and is the ideal solution for restoration and historic-preservation projects. Weathered units still retain all of the well-known Versa-Lok structural qualities.
The Versa-Lok Mosaic Retaining wall system combines a standard unit with one versa-lok cobble and two versa-lok accent units, to create stunning walls with an artistic, random-pattern flair.
At half the size of the standard unit, Cobble offers an appealing lightweight alternative to the standard unit without compromising strength. Cobble is an ideal solution for small garden walls, planters, and perimeter walls. Its narrower design enables the construction of curves with a tighter radius than standard.
The standard unit is the backbone of Versa-Lok retaining wall systems. Its solid construction, classic proportions and top-pinning designs provide the foundation for the entire family of Varsa-Lok systems. Curves, corners, columns, stairs, and freestanding walls are all possible using the standard unit.
Versa-Lok Accent
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Accent, a sleek version of the standard unit, is the lightest-weight member of the versa-lok family. Its slim profile has a clean, understated appearance that serves to highlight its surroundings and reflect the look of mid-eastern natural stone walls.
Square Foot
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Tackle large commercial and public works jobs with the square Foot Retaining Wall System for an economical, design-friendly landscaping solution.
The new VERSA-Green Plantable Wall System from VERSA-LOK may be the greenest retaining wall you’ve ever seen. It combines the durability and strength of a VERSA-LOK segmental retaining wall, with the lush beauty of a hanging garden. The result is a functional wall that becomes a living part of your landscape.
“VERSA-Green is a natural solution in situations where significant soil retention is required in a wall but visibility of the wall isn’t wanted,” says Pat Estenson, VERSA-LOK national sales representative. “Plantings in each individual wall unit grow up to conceal the courses above or hang down to cover the wall below. Eventually, the wall appears or grows right into the landscape, much like a vertical garden.”

VERSA-Green is a modified version of VERSA-LOK’s popular Square Foot segmental retaining wall system. Each VERSA-Green concrete unit weighs 70 lbs. and covers nearly a full square foot of wall face. Inside each unit is a 6-inch-deep plantable core and a groove across the top to accommodate irrigation tubing, that runs across each course parallel to the wall face. The core in each unit is filled with a planting medium and appropriate plants. If irrigation is installed, a drip irrigation nozzle is placed in each unit to keep the plants watered
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