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One Piece Boulder Bench
Basalt Table and Chairs
Snapped Edge Boulder Bench
Granite bench
Granite Table With boulder base
If you have an idea and don't think it is possible give us a call to help.
Northland Monument & Granite Designs, with its decades of experience and trained personnel, has the ability to create anything out of stone. So let your imagination run wild and give us a call.
A one piece bench is made out of a large boulder with the bottom cut flat. Then a seating area is cut to make the bench. Custom engraving is also available to make your bench truly one of a kind.
This one-of-a-kind table uses a basalt column for a table base, a granite slab table top, and smaller pieces of basalt for the seats.
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This bench is made from a 4" slab of fieldstone boulder. The legs and the top are snapped to the desired dimensions. 
With this product the possibilities of size and shape are endless.
With the ability to do custom cutting on boulders, your imagination is the only thing holding you back!
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