If you are searching for unique kitchen and bathroom designs utilizing the natural beauty of Brazilian soapstone, or searching for 
creative soapstone applications, soapstone sinks, or soapstone accessories, then you have found the premier source!
Why Choose Dorado Soapstone.

*Quarried Naturally 
*Non Porous 
*Does not Stain 
*Does not require a sealer 
*Does not harbor bacteria 
*Easy to Maintain
Beautify Your Kitchen and Bathroom with a Soapstone Countertop
When it’s time to redo the kitchen, maybe you want to think about a soapstone countertop. With eight different Brazilian stones, it will be very easy to enhance the beauty of your countertop as well as enhance its use with a high quality material. If you are concerned about a color scheme, rest assured there are several different combinations in both light and dark colors that will make you proud to show to friends and strangers. 

Unsurpassed Quality 

The quality of the material that goes into our soapstone countertops makes it a good choice for anyone with children or those who wish to buy a product that will last for many years. The beauty your new sink provides will make you proud to entertain friends and business associates and will serve as an enhancement to your kitchen if you choose to sell your home in the future. One of the finest selling points for many people is the kitchen—women don’t seem to care as much about the size or design of the living room as they do the kitchen.

Good in the Bathroom, Too 

Another room that tends to gain great importance when it comes to countertops is the bathroom. Although most people only invest in an average size vanity/sink, there are some larger bathrooms with double sinks and thus a vanity of a much larger size. Those who have the larger bathrooms tend to be very choosy about the way they are decorated. In many cases people with larger bathrooms want to custom decorate them including the vanity they choose for that room.

Beauty and Ease 

Using soapstone slabs for both your kitchen and bathroom countertops is a good way to use quality material to enhance and beautify the two most important rooms in your home. Even businesses that have a kitchen area can provide an area that is easier to clean by replacing existing countertops with soapstone. 

Soapstone is a high quality product for countertops; we have seen soapstone last for 100 years. Because it is very dense and non-porous it will last much longer than other materials. That is the key to finding a quality product that will enhance the surroundings and last for many years. Choosing Dorado Soapstone will give you all of those things and more at an affordable price. These are a few things to think about when choosing the right soapstone countertop for your home.

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