Measuring & Preparing for an Estimate
The following steps will make it easy for you to measure & draw a plan of you new countertops, and help us give you an accurate estimate.

1) Download and print out our easy to use graph paper to help with questions and layout, and provide needed information.
2) Draw a quick layout of the new countertops (example of finished drawing).
3) Measure length and width to the nearest 1/2". Make sure to include overhangs. 
4) Indicate on the layout wall locations, and which walls require a backsplash.
5) Decide on style of backslash, Standard or Custom.
6) Indicate location of sink(s) and cook top(s) (Actual sink placement will be confirmed at field measure).
7) Indicate Any special features you would like ( radius corners, large overhang, etc.)
Feel free to contact any one of our experienced sales staff to help you with any questions you may have, or if you would like an in-home consultation. 
We also encourage a visit to one of our sales offices to view samples and design ideas.

8) Mail or fax your plan / drawing for a prompt response.
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