Created by nature and transformed by modern technology, Marble is an investment where time and the elements have fashioned a story in stone. Deep iridescent colors and one-of-a-kind beauty add elegance and warmth to your home or business that cannot be duplicated with synthetic materials.
Every Marble countertop we fabricate is 100% custom.  We measure to fit your needs and then produce a product that you will fall in love with. Marble is a great choice for fireplace surrounds, wall cladding, bathroom vanities or table tops.  Marble is not recommended for use in your kitchen because it is a softer material and will damage over time.
Caring and maintenance for Marble countertops
For every day cleaning use a mild soap with warm water and a soft clean cloth, You can also use any water based spray cleaners or Marbamist cleaner (sample bottle provided with every install).

If a film, develops on your countertops, use 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water and a soft cloth to remove.

Sealing your Marble

Your countertops come to you sealed or will be sealed the day of the install.  After that some stones may only need to be sealed every 1-2 years and some need to be sealed more regularly. Please ask your experienced sales person or installer for more information.

A sample bottle of sealer is provided with every install; please read and follow directions for proper sealing instructions.

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