Skimmer accessories 
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Part No. Description Corr. Skimmer 

SL4000B Rock Lid/Sandstone Brown  PS4000/4500/4600/4900 

SL4000G Rock Lid/Slate PS4000/4500/4600/4900 

SL7000B Rock Lid/Sandstone Brown  PS7000/9500 

SL7000G Rock Lid/Slate PS7000/9500 

SL14000B      Rock Lid/Sandstone Brown PS14000/20000 

SL14000G      Rock Lid/Slate PS14000/20000 

BK4600  Replacement Brush Kit for   PS4600/ 4900 PS4600/4900 

BK7000  Replacement Brush Kit for   PS7000/ 9500 PS7000/9500 

BK14000 Replacement Brush Kit for   PS14000/ 20000 PS14000/20000 

MK4600 Mat Kit for PS4600/ 4900 PS4600/4900 

MK7000 Mat Kit for PS7000/9500 PS7000/9500 

SM4000 Replacement Mat for      PS4000/ 4500 (BIO-TECH) PS4000/4500 

SM4600 Replacement Mat for      PS4600/4900 (MATALA) PS4600/ 4900 

SM7000 Replacement Mat for      PS7000/ 9500 (MATALA) PS7000/9500 

NT3000  Replacement Net for     PS3000 PS3000 

NT4600  Replacement Net for     PS4600/ 4900 PS4600/ 4900 

NT7000  Replacement Net for     PS7000/ 9500 PS7000/9500 

NT14000 Replacement Net for     PS14000/ 20000 PS14000/20000 

BS4000 Replacement Basket for       PS4000/ 4500 PS4000/4500 

AF1000 Auto Fill Kit All 

BD2000 Bottom Drain Kit      PROSERIES 

GK600  GateKeeper for 6'' Weir         PS3000/4600 

GK900  GateKeeper for 9'' Weir         PS4500/4900/7000 

GK1400 GateKeeper for 14'' Weir       PS9500/14000 

GK2000 GateKeeper for 20'' Weir      PS20000 

WD600 Weir Door 6''    PS3000/4000/4600 

WD900 Weir Door 9''    PS4500/4900/7000 

WD1400       Weir Door 14''  PS9500/14000 

WD2000       Weir Door 20''  PS20000 

Auto water fill kit maintains consistent water level.  
Gate keeper clips to wire door allowing leaves and debris to pass while restricting fish from entering the skimmer.
Brush Panel allows for high flow mechanical filtration 
Bottom drain enables skimmers to draw water from the bottom, as well as from the surface of the pond.