Northern MN Fieldstone
At Granite Designs not only do we carry a large variety of stone veneer, we also produce veneer in full bed (4" bed depth) or for a thin veneer application (1"-2" bed depth).

Our stone comes from northern MN and has a beautiful range of color and veining, to really show off what nature has to offer.

We do produce this product in our Longville location, so special orders can be made to fit your project.
 Thin veneer application
So you ask yourself why should I use a thin veneer? Well for starters, we use real building stone and saw the fronts off of the stone, which means the color will not fade after a few years like artificial stone. Second, as you can see by viewing our pictures, you can't tell the difference once the stone is installed whether it's 5-inches thick or 1 1/2 inches thick. Third, our stone comes in a huge variety of colors, textures and combinations. Finally, thin veneer is much easier to install than regular building stone and it can be applied to almost any surface. 

Advantages of Thin Veneer

COST - Light in weight, which is faster and quicker to install - allowing mason contractors to install more square footage per day.

CONSTRUCTION - Whether the installation is a new structure or part of a remodeling project, our thin cut natural stone is the ideal material when weight or space limitations are a problem.  Because it requires no footings and has a thin profile, it is an excellent facing for unitized zero-clearance fireplaces. It is installed in the same way as manufactured stone, yet it gives the look of real stone because it is real stone!! In most cases, it costs less than manufactured stone products. 

APPEARANCE - It's all about curb appeal. Besides landscaping, the use of natural materials is one of the most desirable features on the exterior of the home. Mother Nature created it. .Thin veneer is comparable in weight, price and installation to artificial "cultured" stone.  

This product is found in northern MN.  Unlike manufactured or “fake" stone, our thin veneer will not fade or discolor and is more durable; thus it resists chipping and scratching.  If it does chip, the inner stone contains the same color, pattern and texture as the surface.  Now try doing that with the fake stuff!

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