Offset Block
If your design requirements do not allow for a vertical chimney installation then use Fire Rock Offset Blocks.  Offset Blocks allow you to move the chimney path so that objects may be placed above the firebox.

Offset blocks may also be used in the following scenarios:

*Move the chimney outside the wall of the home to avoid interference with the upstairs floor plan 

*Turn back-to-back chimneys 90 degrees 

*Allow for greater wall thicknesses as in an insulated panel system home 

Fire Rock Offset Block is made from Fire Rock material. Each block is 4" x 22" x 24.5" and has an angled flue hole that provides a 30 degree vertical passageway for flue gases.  Offset blocks are stacked in series with each one providing a maximum offset 2 ½".  Offset direction may be left, right, back, or in a spiral pattern for "twisting" flues.

A non-combustible column under every fourth block must support the Offset Blocks in a series.  Please consult the installation manual or a Fire Rock representative for additional information and project-specific questions.

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