Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How much does a FireRock fireplace or chimney system cost?
A: While you can be sure a Fire Rock system will always be less than a brick and mortar fireplace and chimney, prices may vary due to project scope, specifications and site. Please call for current price quote.

Q: Can I install my own FireRock fireplace or chimney system?
A: Yes, one of FireRock's strengths is the fact that our firebox and Solid Block Chimney system is interlocking and simple enough for a reasonably knowledgeable do-it-yourselfer. Manufacturer's installation instructions must be followed. 

Q: Can I install my FireRock fireplace on a wood floor?
A: FireRock's Vent–Free and LiteRock units may be installed on any combustible floor. While Vent-Free units require the use of gas logs, LiteRock accommodates wood or gas logs. 

Q: Can a metal chimney be used on FireRock units?
A: Yes. FireRock recommends Simpson Dura Chimney II, a UL-103 compliant, air cooled chimney that is relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

Q: Does FireRock offer a fireplace that has openings in the back and front so that I can enjoy it from two different rooms?
A: Yes. FireRock's See – Through unit has an opening in the back and front, which allows you to enjoy the same fireplace from two rooms. The See – Through model is available for use with a chimney or as a vent-free for use with gas logs. Each type is available in four sizes.

Q: Can my FireRock fireplace be made to have a taller opening?
A: Absolutely, if your design calls for a taller aspect ratio or an arched-front you may choose a FireRock Rumford firebox or just add a Height Extension Kit to our Conventional firebox.  Be sure to discuss things like ceiling height, indoor air quality, and overall firebox opening size with us before coming to a decision. 

Q: Can stucco, brick or stone be directly applied to a FireRock fireplace or chimney system?
A: Yes. We recommend the material be scratch-coated or metal lathed prior to the finish application. Please consult your builder or finished application professional. 

Q: What size fireplaces does FireRock offer?
A: FireRock fireplaces are available in four sizes: 30", 36", 42" and 48". Outdoor units are available in all of these sizes except 48". 

Q: Why should I choose an all-masonry fireplace over a metal fireplace?
A: Masonry fireplaces offer numerous benefits over a metal fireplace including: 
*Substantial aesthetic advantage 
*Greater heating ability (heat reflection) 
*Longer lifespan - more than double that of a metal box 
*Superior to metal for heat containment thereby reducing fire hazards 
*Will not rust when exposed to the elements

Q: How does the cost of FireRock compare to the cost of a site-built traditional brick and mortar fireplace?
A: FireRock is generally half the cost of site-built masonry. 

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