The Fire Rock conventional firebox is our traditionally shaped fireplace.  It is designed for installation using our masonry Solid Block chimney or any UL 103 approved prefabricated metal chimney.  This UL 127 compliant product is cast from our proprietary refractory mix and comes in four sizes.  Each size, 30", 36", 42", and 48" has an opening 32" tall and is cast to maintain it’s full width after being lined with split firebrick.

Other features that add to performance, appearance, or both include:

*Pumice based product that reflects heat back into home. 

*Angled sides and back for a more traditional appearance and better heat reflection into the room. 

*A radius lentil up to the damper that allows combustion air to move over a curved surface improving performance and curbing smoke spillage. 

*A 15" diameter round flue, the industries’ largest, for improved draft. 

*May be height extended for a taller opening or to accommodate an arched front. 

The Fire Rock conventional fireplace is UL approved for all fuels with only 1" clearance to combustibles.
When coupled with our Solid Block chimney product the chimney is "zero" clearance.  The firebox and chimney can support our bricking flange allowing the brick or stone on the chimney to match the home.
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