Centurion Stone
"The stone of the 21st century"
Centurion Stone, stone veneer that looks and feels like natural stone. That's because it is made from natural stone patterns. Colors and textures are carefully controlled, and the reduced weight and cost of Centurion Stone makes it more desirable, with more choices than any other manufactured stone or natural stone on the market. 

There are more than twenty-five (25) patterns and two hundred (200) colors to choose from, plus a complete line of accessory items and corner pieces to complement each Centurion Stone product line.
The following styles are available. With many colors to choose from. 
Available in the following colors:
Standard colors: Pennsylvania
Premium Colors: Suede

Bed Rock
Available in the following colors:
Premium Colors:  Desert Rust

Available in the following colors:
Standard Colors: Pennsylvania
Premium Colors: Tulsa, Texas

Available in the following colors:
Standard Colors: Plain
Premium Colors: Sage Valley, Missouri 

Centurion Castle
Available in the following colors:
Standard Colors: California, Pennsylvania
Premium Colors: Gray, Chardonnay

Available in the following colors:
Standard Colors: Suede

Available in the following colors:
Premium Colors: English
Standard Colors: Arizona, Brown, Pennsylvania, Chardonnay
Premium Colors: Kentucky, Suede

Drift stone
Premium Colors: California

Standard Colors: Kentucky, Arkansas
Premium Colors: Pennsylvania

Foundation Stone
Ohio Limestone
Premium Colors: Plain

Palos Verde
Standard Colors: Arkansas, Gray, Pennsylvania

River Rock
Standard Colors: Earthblend, Chardonnay
Premium Colors: Valley Brook, Suede

Standard Colors:  Brown, Gray, Appalachian, Kentucky, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Southern Wheat
Premium Colors: Mt. Rundle, California, Chardonnay, English, Suede

Standard Colors: New England, Pennsylvania, Plain
Premium Colors: Great Lakes, Mesa Valley

Standard Colors: English
Premium Colors: Tulsa

Standard Colors:  Arizona, Dakota, Brown, Suede
Premium Colors:  California, Red Lake, Pennsylvania

Standard Colors: Appalachian, Gray, Brown, English, California, Tulsa, Kentucky, Plain, Millwood, Ohio, Pennsylvania
Premium Colors: Chardonnay, Suede, Texas

Standard Colors for Stack: Appalachian, Gray, Brown, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Arizona
Premium Colors for Stack: California, Georgia Tan, Chardonnay

Premium Colors: Blonde, Kentucky

Standard ColorsBrown, Gray, Appalachian, Kentucky, Arizona, Pennsylvania
Premium Colors: California, Georgia Tan, Chardonnay


Multi Blend

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