Crystal Clear Fish Health
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ParaCid™ - Parasite Control

Removes Anchor Worms & Parasites
Quick & Safe Formula
Safe For Fish & Plants

ParaCid™ is a widely used material by pond and aquarium hobbyists and professionals for control of infestations of fish lice, anchorworm and flukes which are common in pond and aquarium habitats. ParaCid™ works extremely well on pond fish species such as koi and goldfish, as well as on commonly found aquarium fish species.

Available in 8oz, containers
KnockOut™ - Ick Control

Eliminates Ick Infestation
Eliminates Fungi & Protozoa
Safe For Fish & Plants

KnockOut™ is formulated for helping control Ick on pond fish. Treated correctly KnockOut™ will remove ick parasites, protozoa, bacteria and fungi from most fish species. KnockOut™ is a broad spectrum treatment for fungus, ick and flukes.

Available in 8oz, containers
Wipe out
WipeOut™ - Bacterial Control

Controls & Prevents Bacterial Infections
Controls Finrot & Ulcers
Safe For Fish & Plants

WipeOut™ is excellent for controlling gill diseases in pond and aquarium fish.
Bacterial diseases generally result from fish stress due to adverse water quality conditions (pH, oxygen or temperature problems), habitat clean-outs, untreated abrasions or predators. WipeOut™ works extremely well on pond fish species such as koi and goldfish, as well as on commonly found aquarium fish species.

Available in 8oz, containers
Restore™ - Fungus Control

Removes & Controls Skin Fungus
Quick & Easy Treatment
Safe For Fish & Plants

ReStore™ keeps your koi or goldfish safe from commonly found parasitic protozoans such as, Ichthyopthirius, Trichodina, Costia and Chilodonella. ReStore™ is also very good for treating many common bacterial diseases.

Available in 8oz, containers
ParaSalt™ - Pond Salt

Controls Common Parasites
Maintains Healthy Slime Coat
Safe For Fish & Plants

ParaSalt™ is formulated to increase koi and goldfish electrolytic intake. Electrolytes are critical in building and maintaining a healthy slime coat. Electrolytes such as potassium are essential in wound repair and in times of heavy stress (ie – during water changes or clean-outs). Salt is excellent for mucous production when healing from a wound.

Available in 2 lb, containers
Fish Food
Koi Food - Color, Growth & Vigor Formula

Premium Formulas For Rapid Growth
Formulated For Year-Round Feeding
Never Clouds Water
Nitrogen Flushed For Maximum Freshness

CrystalClear® Premium Koi & Goldfish Foods are designed for year-round feeding to produce maximum fish growth and color enhancement. CrystalClear® Premium Koi & Goldfish Foods are the result of years of laboratory testing and extensive field research with top breeders. CrystalClear® Koi & Goldfish Foods are packed with high quality vitamins and minerals to produce color, growth and vitality in koi and goldfish.

Available in 1 kg, 4 kg, and 9 kg containers
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