Rinato Countertops
Green building has made rapid movement throughout the construction industry. Owners, architects and contractors are striving to build in a more environmentally friendly manner. Material suppliers are no different.   

As one of the original recycled products, terrazzo provides the ultimate in durability, low maintenance and sustainability, typically lasting the life of a building. Previously only available in flooring, Granite Designs is proud to be a fabricator and helping introduce terrazzo to the countertop market with Rinato, a line of cementation terrazzo slabs incorporating recycled glass chips.

Rinato provides an alternative to using non-renewable or petrochemical-based resources and provides a new market for recycled glass. Previously destined for the landfill, glass has been recycled or “re-born” as a raw material for Rinato.
To offer a standard to facilitate sustainable design, the US Green Building Council (USGBC) has developed a consensus-based rating which has become the national standard for green building, the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Rating System.

Under the LEED® Ratings System for New Construction v2.2, Rinato may help to contribute toward the following credits for your sustainable projects.

Material & Resource Credits 4.1 & 4.2: Recycled Content (2 points possible)• 
One point is granted for 10% recycled content and a second point for an additional 10% (20% total) of the total value of the materials on the project.

When considering the recycled glass as well as the slag and fly ash incorporated in the cement matrix, approximately 80% of the composition of Rinato is recycled.

Material & Resource Credits 5.1 & 5.2: Regional Materials (2 points possible)• 
One point is awarded if 10% of the project building materials is extracted, harvested or recovered, as well as manufactured within a 500-mile radius of the project site and a second point is awarded if the total percentage of the cost of regional materials is at least 20%.

Rinato is regionally manufactured in Wisconsin. 
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