What daily maintenance is required for RINATO?
Daily care of RINATO is similar to natural stone products. Simply clean RINATO with a pH neutral cleaner like StoneTech Revitalizer or T&M 100 Series Neutral Cleaner.

Will RINATO stain or scratch?
Improper care may result in staining or scratching. A heavy-duty sealer will help to protect your countertops from staining. If staining of the cement matrix occurs, the stains may be removed from the cement with an everyday poultice. Avoid harsh abrasives as they may lead to etching or scratching. If this occurs, the cement matrix can be addressed by re-polishing.

Does RINATO require a sealer?
Yes. While 70% of RINATO is recycled glass, 30% of the slab is cement. Due to the cement composition of RINATO, the slabs will stain if not properly sealed. There is no factory sealer applied to the slabs. Sealing should be conducted by the fabricator or homeowner at the time of installation. Treat RINATO with a heavy-duty sealer like StoneTech Bullet Proof or T&M 100 Series Penetrating Sealer. After the sealer is applied, the surface should be hand buffed to remove any excess sealer. Since the sealer will not penetrate the glass, excess sealer will have a tendency to flake off the glass if not properly buffed. Due to the cement composition of RINATO, there still may be a tendency of etching.

Can hot cookware be placed on RINATO?
Yes. The glass and cement composition of RINATO will not be damaged by sporadic contact with hot cookware. However, prolonged or frequent contact with hot cookware will degrade the sealer requiring more frequent reapplication of the sealer.

Remember that an ounce of protection leads to a pound of prevention. By following these simple maintenance guidelines, RINATO can offer years of beauty and enjoyment.

RINATO offers homeowners and building owners a unique sustainable design for their counter, table and vanity tops. While RINATO offers similar durability as natural stone, quartz and other hard surfaces, a few maintenance tips have been established to ensure the longevity of RINATO’s beauty.
Care & Maintenance 
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