Rinato About Rinato
What is Rinato?
RINATO is a line of cementitious recycled glass countertops. Previously destined for the landfill, the glass has been recycled or “re-born” as a raw material for RINATO. These sustainable slabs offer you all of the design flexibility of Terrazzo with the environmental benefits of 100% recycled glass. That’s not all... the cement matrix which binds the recycled glass in Rinato also includes recycled fly ash and slag to help fortify the cement and to replace non-renewable and petrochemical based resources.

Applications for Rinato
RINATO is appropriate for traditional and contemporary designs alike.  The stunning color palette includes neutral earth tones, as well as pastel and primary colors not typically available from other countertop surfaces. The design options don’t stop there. Much like Terrazzo, RINATO recycled glass countertops may be custom designed to compliment your interior. Applications include kitchen countertops and backsplashes, bathroom vanities, table tops or any interior cut-to-size surface. Much like natural stone or quartz surfacing, RINATO is purchased, and fabricated to match your needs. 

Product Specifications and Maintenance
RINATO is available in 62x96x1-1/4” slab formats, with a polished finish. The weight of the slab is approximately 14 lbs per square foot, suitable for standard spans and overhangs, recommended of granite by the Marble Institute of America. Similar to natural stone, occasional maintenance is required to preserve RINATO’s appearance and performance. Unlike resinous or petrochemical based products, these slabs will not fade with exposure to UV rays.

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