Boulder Steps
Boulder steps are a very unique product that we produce In house, in Longville, MN. They are a beautiful step that is produced from natural boulders. We cut the boulder into 6" slabs for consistent and beautiful steps.  They make a great addition to any landscape project. 
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Boulder steps and walkways can range in size from 2' diameter to 10' diameter depending on the rock that is cut. They are cut 6"+/-  thick. The steps are then finished on both sides to increase usability.
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Northland Monument Sawn boulders have been used and sold in the landscape industry for 15 years. They are sold by 9 different Landscape supply yards from Nebraska, North Dakota, and Minnesota 
Here is what some of our Customers have to  say: 
"We, at Field Landscaping, have been continually impressed with Northland Monument's cut boulder steps. We appreciate the uniform cuts and the quality of their stone's texture, color and shape. It's hard to find consistency in cut boulder steps, but Northland Monument never lets us down. We would recommend these cut boulder steps for your next landscaping project without hesitation."

Nathaniel Field, Field Landscaping